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Donna Callejon is the Chief Business Partnerships Officer at GlobalGiving, a nonprofit organization and the largest global crowdfunding community. GlobalGiving connects other nonprofits, donors and companies across the globe to put money and other resources where they’re needed most. Donna’s role at GlobalGiving consists of developing corporate and other strategic partnerships, as well as working directly with partners like the Ford Motor Company Fund to help them and their employees better help others. Before joining GlobalGiving in 2003, Donna spent 15 years building her career at Fannie Mae where she worked her way up to become a senior executive. During her college years at UC Davis, Donna played on several  intramural teams and studied Agriculture and Managerial Economics and took classes in Statistics and Finance which she really enjoyed. By the way, Donna did not get a graduate school degree and doesn’t feel she needed one. Donna also gets personal and shares how she navigated her career as a gay woman during a period of time in the US when a person’s sexual orientation wasn’t valued, let alone celebrated. And she has some wise words for young LGBTQ professionals.


  • What the Chief Business Partnerships Officer at GG does and a typical day
  • What different kinds of NGOs are out there and how you can use your skills to break into them
  • Why agility and the ability to adapt are two of the most important skills you can hone for any career
  • What questions to ask yourself if you’re considering getting a graduate degree
  • How to find companies with LGBTQ+ friendly policies and attitudes
  • What is the most important class you should take in college if you’re interested in breaking into this field on the business development side of the house
  • Why actually going to class will benefit you in the long run

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