Dr. Alan Rosenblatt is a political and digital strategist, researcher and professor and probably the most social media-savvy non-millennial you’ve ever met. He is currently a Principal at turner4D and the Director of Digital Research at Lake Research Partners, where he uses his social media expertise to assist Democratic and progressive campaigns. Alan’s goal is to show people not just how to work social media, but how to use it strategically to build an engaged audience that works for your goals and objectives in order to influence change makers. After graduating from Tufts as a double major with a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy, Alan continued his studies in political science, earning an M.A. at Boston College and his Ph.D. at American University.  He began his work in digital strategizing and analysis back in 1995, when he created and taught one of the first-ever classes on the politics of cyberspace at George Mason University. Since then, he’s held many jobs relating to his research, teaching at the college level, running political blogs, and creating social media strategies. He also teaches digital political strategy at Johns Hopkins, American, and George Washington Universities. Alan is active on just about every social media platform that exists, so you’ll have an easy time finding him on Twitter at @Dr.Digipol.


  • What is the difference between using social media and using social media strategically
  • How to find and cultivate a target audience on social media
  • What you can do TODAY to strengthen your strategic social media skills
  • What is a “body of work,” how can you build it through social media, and how can it help you get a job
  • How to use each of the major social media platforms (ex: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) differently to what they’re best suited for
  • What is the future of social media and social networking
  • What are the basics tactics and principles you should use to be effective in any kind of communication, whether online or offline
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