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Tina Tran is a director of business development at Microsoft, where she leads mobile platform and OEM partnerships. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2019, Tina led AR/VR Future of Work enterprise partnerships at Facebook and a $10M educational VR content fund at Oculus. She serves on the board of directors at Hello Neighbor, an organization that strengthens communities by matching resettled refugee families with dedicated neighbors to help them thrive in their new lives in the U.S..  In 2018, Tina graduated from the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program


  • How Tina arrived in the US as a little girl (3:27)
  • What Tina’s experience as  Presidential Leadership Scholar was like (and being featured in George W. Bush’s new book Out of Many, One: Portraits of America’s Immigrants by George W. Bush)  (7:36)
  • What business development is (10:53)
  • What Tina’s job at Microsoft entails (12:22)
  • What the title “director” means for the business development team (14:17)
  • What it’s like interfacing with huge companies like Google, Apple and Samsung (14:54)
  • Why Tina says to pursue what you’re good at or brings you joy (32:05)
  • Why Tina’s advice to her former self is to “shoot for the moon” (36:33)

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