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Ronnie Gyani is the vice president of multi-family lending at Lument, a commercial real estate company. He is also the host and producer of Fear is a Liar, an interview-based podcast. During his career, Ronnie has also worked as the director of multifamily lending at Barings, as a global investment manager and as a senior associate at RBC Capital Markets, an investment bank. He graduated from Baruch College in 2009 with a degree in business administration and finance.


  • What multifamily lending is and what the various tracks are within commercial real estate (9:02)
  • What Ronnie does as the vice president of multi-family lending (10:48)
  • How Ronnie turned a 6 month internship into a FT job (20:17)
  • How young people can impress their supervisors during an internship (26:44)
  • Why Ronnie created his podcast Fear is a Liar (28:44)
  • What Ronnie learned from his own professional struggle (40:28)
  • What advice Ronnie would give to his younger self (43:27)

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