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Larry Cohen is the Founder and CEO of Axis Promotions, a full-service marketing agency, based in New York City, focused on brand development in the promotional products marketplace. Larry started Axis Promotions in 1992 at his kitchen table, after he saw a need for disposable binoculars for the NBA, and managed to sell the NBA on that idea.  Larry graduated from Duke University as pre-med with a B.A. in Political Science because he thought he was going to head off to medical school. But after a conversation with a college mentor his senior year, Larry decided to change course and eventually went to the University of Pennsylvania law school. Today, Axis Promotions is an award-winning agency with five locations across the country serving clients from Zappos to Nickelodeon to Jet Blue to the USA Network.  Axis Promotions specializes in brand development in the promotional products marketplace. Axis has been named Counselor Magazine’s Top 40 Distributors 5 years in a row, Promo Marketing Magazine Top 40 Distributor, and PPB Greatest Companies to Work For.  


  • What is promotional marketing
  • How promotional giveaways involve our 5 senses
  • What are the qualities that make a young professional well-suited for this industry
  • Whether you need to be creative to be in promotional marketing
  • What we learn from our families without even realizing it
  • Whether you need to be a good salesperson to thrive in this field
  • Why you should develop mentors while you’re still in college
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