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Stefan Georgi is considered one of the top direct response copywriters in the world. He began copywriting in 2011, and his work has since grossed over $700 million in sales. Stefan also developed his own method to help others level up their own copywriting called the RMBC Method. He is also the co-founder of Copy Accelerator, a weekly training copywriting program. He’s been featured in publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, and Entrepreneur. Stefan hosts a podcast called Road to a Billion, a radio-style podcast.  He graduated from the University of West Florida with a BA in philosophy.


  • How Stefan learned what copywriting was through a crazy tale of life’s twists and turns and the game of poker. (10:46)
  • What do direct response copywriters actually do? (18:27)
  • What the storytelling behind certain sales letters is (21:54)
  • What kind of person does really well in copywriting (27:24)
  • What mistakes young copywriters usually make and how to avoid them (35:32)
  • What advice Stefan has for college students who want to break into copywriting (52:49)
  • How Stefan’s career is not what he originally planned in college and how your life plan is always unexpectedly changing (1:02:06)
  • What advice Stefan would give himself if he could go back in time (1:21:49)
  • Here’s how to get in touch with Stefan Paul Georgi and listen to The Road to a Billion and take his course 

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