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Dylan Gambardella is the co-founder of Next Gen Summit and previously co-founded Students4Students.  He is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and activist. The 22-year-old Duke University alumnus has addressed global audiences at events including TEDx, Yale University, and UCLA, and is passionate about supporting young people in creating lasting, positive impact in our world.   Dylan was born and raised in Westchester, New York and graduated as the valedictorian of his high school class.  While at Duke, he majored in Economics and Public Policy and was named a Melissa & Doug Scholar and was elected as Senator for the student body. Dylan was also a member of the Duke Basketball Practice Team and a Director of Campus Enterprises, Duke’s oldest student-run company.   Dylan was the 2017 recipient of the New York Wunderkind award.  But Dylan’s entrepreneurial journey began at age 17 when he co-founded Students4Students, a higher-education consulting firm designed to provide applicants an advantage in the collegiate admissions process. After successfully helping over 120 clients in the first two years, Dylan co-founded Next Gen, where he aims to support innovation by providing the resources young entrepreneurs need to change the world.  To date, Dylan and Next Gen have hosted thousands of attendees at more than a dozen events across the country – including the international Next Gen Summit – and have attracted an online network of over 5,000 young entrepreneurs.


  • What is Next Gen
  • Where the idea for Next Gen Submit came from
  • Why it is geared towards young entrepreneurs
  • How to stay focused on what is most important to you
  • Why it is important to learn to say no
  • How to go out and find mentors
  • How to figure out if you should start a company with a partner or go it alone
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