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Johanna Thoeresz combines her love of philanthropists and philanthropy in her role as Oregon Community Foundation’s Chief Development Officer. She brings 30 years of development experience to lead a statewide team of highly qualified philanthropic advisors who help individuals and families create legacies of giving through donor advised funds, scholarship funds and testamentary gifts. Past experience includes working in higher education and international relief development at the global humanitarian and development organization, Mercy Corps. Johanna is inspired by the generosity and passion donors express through their commitment to creating a healthier, more educated and beautiful community. Johanna counts herself fortunate to work with dedicated professionals who know Oregon’s nonprofit community well and are a resource for data-driven results.  Johanna graduated from Reed College, loves classical music, gardening, Bridge, dabbles in calligraphy and is an eternal optimist.


  • What the Oregon Community Foundation does and what foundations do in general
  • What a Chief Development Officer does and whether you’d enjoy working in philanthropy
  • Why it is important to understand your ‘money story’ before pursuing a career in philanthropy and/or development
  • How to approach ultra wealthy donors to support your nonprofit cause and not get intimidated
  • Why an ‘attitude of gratitude’ will help you in this field and in life
  • Why it is important to have perspective on the ups and downs you’ll experience in the professional world
  • Why to appreciate it if you’re working with a supportive team in the office (you’re really lucky!)

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