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Lisa Cherkasky is a chef and food stylist based in Washington, D.C..  She has styled food for corporate clients as well as editorial clients such as The Washington Post, The Washingtonian, Smithsonian, Vegetarian Times, Eating Well and National Geographic. Lisa has also worked as a chef in top restaurants.  Finally, Lisa has also written two cookbooks, the bestseller The Artful Pie and You’re the Chef. You can check out Lisa’s blog The Lunch Encounter here. She attended the Culinary Institute of America where she was among the first women to study there. 


  • What a food stylist is and what she does (4:49)
  • Why Lisa says she wants to inspire people to cook and eat (6:48)
  • What are the differences between styling food versus styling clothes or household goods (11:48)
  • What are some of the “illusions” Lisa has had to pull off while food styling (13:27)
  • What is involved in food styling (15:28)
  • What are the hardest foods to style (18:50)
  • How COVID has impacted Lisa’s job (19:47)
  • How you can break into the field of food styling (21:57)
  • How Lisa used her culinary education and found a career in food styling (23:12)
  • Why Lisa decided to freelance (25:20)

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