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Jonathan Javier is the founder and CEO of Wonsulting, a company dedicated to helping those from non-target schools or non-traditional backgrounds get their dream careers. His mission: “To turn underdogs into winners.” Jonathan attended the University of California, Riverside with a major in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance. After graduating he applied unsuccessfully to the Big 4 accounting firms.  Still his dream was to work in tech, but he didn’t think someone like him — a non-traditional student from a non-target school, could break into tech. By testing and iterating with various applications Jonathan was able to crack the code on how to get into big tech companies.  He went on to work for major companies including Snap, Google, and Cisco. Now, Jonathan is sharing his networking expertise and insights into how to break into tech in order to help ambitious young people land jobs at top companies through Wonsulting.  


  • If you want to listen to Jonathan’s entire Time4Coffee interview please tune in to T4C episode #707


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