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Jennifer Garibay is the founder of JNG Career Consulting, which aims to help job-seekers become more competitive in the job market through a strong resume and optimized LinkedIn profile. Jennifer also works as a staffing channel specialist for Adecco working with Google, where she connects qualified candidates with jobs in the tech space. Since graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies, Jennifer has worked as an operations and project manager for High Profile Promotions, among other positions, and has reviewed over 40,000 resumes. 


  • What it means to be a staffing channel specialist (4:28)
  • What qualities make up a top-notch recruiter or staffing channel specialist
  • What Jennifer looks for in a resume (15:16)
  • How to translate your transferable skills to different jobs (16:57)
  • What are the job responsibilities of an operations and project manager (19:47)
  • What are Jennifer’s resume tips for college students (25:48)
  • What are the most common mistakes job applicants make on their resumes (38:33)
  • What it means to optimize a LinkedIn profile (40:49) 

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