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Shanee Moret is the founder of Growth Academy, a community for people to grow their online influence and includes training videos, live weekly training, and a private community so members can network with one another. Shanee is also the co-founder of MedSnake Media, a full-service digital marketing firm that helps health/healthcare companies increase revenue and influence via creative strategies and medical billing services. When she was only 5-years old Shanee was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. By the time she was 13 she was cancer-free and forever changed. Shanee dropped out of college to get into digital marketing at an Audi dealership.  Her success there inspired her to pivot into co-founding MedSnake media in December 2018.   As of this writing (3/21/21) she has almost 900,000 followers on LinkedIn, a following she built in just two years.


  • Why your best chance at getting a job is through networking (7:15)
  • How social media has leveled the playing field for Gen Z (9:51)
  • How Shanee battled cancer and got into writing because of it (11:24)
  • Why Shanee recommends those interested in marketing study psychology (18:30)
  • How Shanee went from marketing at a car dealership to launching MedSnake media (22:10)
  • How Shanee built Growth Academy and created her courses (30:35)
  • How Shanee manages her time (33:26)
  • Why the more successful people you have access to, the more opportunities you will have (37:30)

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