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Justin Welsh is the founder of JW Strategic Advisory, offering SaaS consulting to new SaaS startups like Klara, and Optimize.Health, which have each pulled in $15 million a year. SaaS stands for software as a service or cloud-based service which is accessed from an applications and paid for through a subscription. Justin brings over 10 years of experience to his clients, during which time he helped to build two companies, PatientPop and ZocDoc.  Each company has had over $50 million in yearly recurring revenue (YRR).  While at PatientPop, Justin was the senior vice president of sales and a strategic advisor.  Justin attended Ohio State University where he received a BSBA in marketing. 


  • How SaaS has changed the way companies buy software (5:30)
  • What the growth of SaaS means for young professionals entering the job market (8:07)
  • Why a “growth at all costs” mentality isn’t prevalent any more in the startup world (12:45)
  • How SalesHacker and working in your college’s fundraising office can help you break into the sales industry (14:40)
  • What the pros and cons of working at a startup are (18:03) 
  • How Justin became one of the first 10 employees at ZocDoc (25:30)
  • Why it’s so important to find a job you’re truly passionate about (30:00)
  • What Justin learned from being fired 3 times before he was 28  (37:00)

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