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Michael Solomon is the Managing Partner of 10x Management which he co-founded in 2012 as the first talent agency for tech professionals. To date, he and his team have represented heads of cybersecurity, VPs of engineering, CTOs, UX designers and heads of DevOps in their negotiations with companies ranging from Google, Salesforce and Facebook to HSBC to AmEx to MetLife. 10x Management has carved out its place as a trusted and exclusive resource for companies seeking the best and most coveted, high-level freelance tech talent. Prior to co-founding 10x Management, Michael and his partner brought decades of experience managing musicians, directors, and other creative entities to the technology sector.  He began his career working with Jon Landau Management on several Bruce Springsteen tours, followed by a three year stint at Epic Records and Sony Music. At age 25, his entrepreneurial spirit took over. He has co-founded five companies, three by the time he was 30. Most recently, Michael co-authored the book Game Changer: How to be 10x in the Talent Economy. He earned his BA in Marketing from Baruch College. 


  • What 10x Management is all about (3:53)
  • How 10x finds and helps their technologist clients (6:36/9:05)
  • What the “talent economy” is (13:33)
  • What makes a 10x’er and how to become one (16:26/17:12)
  • How Michael got into music management (27:57)
  • Why grit and perseverance are important qualities to have (34:30/37:24)

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