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Ting Shih is the CEO and founder of ClickMedix, an award-winning mHealth social enterprise that she conceived of while a grad student at MIT. ClickMedix works to help health organizations, in 20+ countries around the world, provide over 1 million patients with expedited tele-health services at a lower cost. Before founding ClickMedix, and co-founding Click Diagnostics, Ting helped to design and launch technology services working for a variety of organizations including: the U.S. Department of Defense, IBM and GlaxoSmithKline. Ting graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in computer science.  She secured an MBA and MS in systems engineering from MIT.  While still in undergrad, Ting had the opportunity to work as a supercomputing research intern at NASA.


  • How ClickMedix was born while Ting was a graduate student at MIT (4:48)
  • What a social enterprise is (11:26)
  • Who ClickMedix serves in the U.S. and globally (18:17)
  • How COVID-19 helped the tele-health industry to rapidly accelerate (20:04)
  • How students and recent grads can dip their toes into the healthcare-technology field (26:44)
  • What classes students should take to help build a foundation for a career in healthcare-technology (32:11)

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