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Zane Homsi is a strategy and analytics program analyst in a specialized, competitive two year training program that LinkedIn offers recent college graduates. He is also the co-founder of Students+, a new initiative that claims to be the go-to place for students navigating the job search amidst the coronavirus. It offers students resources, career guidance, templates and live events with career experts. He just graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in 2019 with a degree in finance and business analytics. Moreover, he has also interned at J.P. Morgan as a banking analyst and Capital One in product strategy & analytics. Lastly, he has also served as an advisor for Rolls-Royce through a university co-op.


  • What entry level jobs are available for someone trying to enter the consulting world (3:17)
  • Why problem segmentation and systems thinking matter in tech consulting (6:05)
  • Whether your major matters (spoiler: it doesn’t) (10:05)
  • Why to ‘build’ something yourself  (16:14)
  • What is his favorite part about his job (18:58)
  • What part of his job sucks the most (21:46)
  • Why to treat your manager like a client (23:48)
  • Why you should watch the show “New Girl” to see what this industry is like (27:18)
  • What is the most surprising thing about his job (30:00)
  • If you want to learn more about what Zane does in his current job at LinkedIn and how he built to career to date turn in to T4C episode #553

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