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Alex Valaitis is the product lead of Elevate, one of LinkedIn’s enterprise product lines — with 12 dedicated engineers. When Alex graduated from college in December 2016 with a sub-3.0 GPA, he still managed to get a job as a product manager at Intuit. While at Intuit Alex led a team in building a notification platform that powered smart notifications across Intuit. In March of 2020, Alex released his first book Modern College, which offers advice on how to find your “dream” job straight out of college. Alex earned a bachelor’s degree in both economics and computer science from the University of Wisconsin.


  • What Alex does as a product manager at LinkedIn (2:30)
  • What a typical work day looks like for Alex during COVID-19 (14:00)
  • Why Alex majored in economics and computer science in college (17:20) 
  • How to make the most of your opportunities and connections (24:30)
  • Why it’s important to start getting internship experiences throughout college (28:00)
  • How to pick the right major (33:10)
  • What injuring his right hand while trying to write a book taught Alex (37:15)
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