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Andrew Dana is the founder and co-owner of two D.C based award winning restaurants, Petworth’s Timber Pizza Company and the newly opened Call Your Mother Deli in Park View. Their “Jew-ish” deli has gathered a lot of attention since its October opening with lines out the door every weekend. Andrew Dana works with his longtime girlfriend, Daniela Moreira. The two run their restaurants with a laid back vibe, one you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a young couple running two businesses daily. Before entering the restaurant business, Andrew went to College of Charleston and earned his degree in Political Science. He then went on to get his MBA in marketing from Fordham University. It wasn’t until later than he realized that his true calling was food but his fruitful education has no doubt helped him become the business connoisseur he is today. 


  • How the seed was planted for Andrew to open a Jewish deli: Call Your Mother Deli
  • Why food is such a small percentage of what makes a restaurant successful
  • What are the most important skills you’ll need to break into this industry
  • What it’s like running two award-winning restaurants
  • Why Andrew suggests reading these books to learn more about opening a restaurant: Setting The Table by Danny Meyer, Radical Candour, and literally anything from Anthony Bourdain
  • If you want to learn more about what Andrew does as the co-founder of Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother Deli tune in his main Time4Coffee interview T4C episode #386
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