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Kathy Jentz is the editor, publisher and founder of the Washington Gardener Magazine which focuses on gardening in the Washington D.C. area (Zone 6-7). She is an avid, life-long gardener who turned her hobby and passion into her business. She is also the green media columnist for the Mid-Atlantic Grower Newspaper as well as the president of the Silver Spring Garden Club in Maryland. Kathy’s work has been featured in multiple publications beyond her own, including Pathways Magazine and the Washington Women’s Magazine. She can be sometimes heard on WAMU radio and teaches courses online, and off-line, about the different facets of gardening and horticulture. When she’s not planting seeds, wedding or writing about newly created plant varieties, Kathy can be found sipping Earl Grey tea in her Silver Spring garden. 


  • Why there is no such thing as a black thumb! (3:11)
  • What kinds of entry jobs or opportunities there are in horticulture (4:37)
  • Where to find garden communications opportunities and internships using Garden Comm and looking for local publishers, including American Gardener Magazine or Kathy’s magazine (5:47)
  • Why it’s good to take botany or horticulture courses in school, but how it is not necessary to major in it to be successful in the field (8:51)
  • What fellowships to look into if you want to be a leader of a public garden (10:02) and more information about the Longwood Gardens Fellows (10:38)
  • Why Kathy believes turning your hobby into a career is her best career advice (16:49)
  • Kathy’s film recommendation, Green Fingers, which shows the world of horticulture specifically, teaching gardening to prisoners (17:42)
  • How friendly and supportive the horticulture community can be (18:51)
  • Kathy’s offering webinars during the COVID pandemic and more information about these offerings can be found on the Washington Gardener Magazine’s website, on their Twitter or on their Facebook page.
  • If you want to learn more about Kathy built the Washington Gardener’s magazine please tune in to her main Time4Coffee interview at T4C episode #505

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