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Patrick Curtis is the CEO, founder and chief monkey at Wall Street Oasis, an online platform with over 700,000 members to help college students and grad students start and build their careers in finance. In the years since launching a decade ago, Wall Street Oasis has become the one-stop-shop resource for finance and business reports, courses and a range of other services racking up a whopping 25 million visits and 2 million posts. Wall Street Oasis also offers resume reviews and gateways into some of the top companies on Wall Street — something you’re definitely going to want to check out. Patrick got his undergraduate degree in economics from Williams College and an MBA in entrepreneurial management from the University of Pennsylvania.


  • Why to check out Wall Street Oasis 
  • What sub-industry of finance best fits your personality 
  • How to get to Wall Street after graduation even if top firms don’t recruit at your school
  • What the difference is between the ‘buy’ side and the ‘sell’ side 
  • Why the ‘interests’ section of your resume are super important
  • Why to read the book Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle to learn more about this industry 
  • Why building relationships are everything in this industry 
  • Why you should listen to Patrick main Time4Coffee interview episode #317

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