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Julie Castle is the Chief Executive Officer at Best Friends Animal Society, which is fighting to end euthanization of dogs and cats in shelters across the United States. Julie graduated from Southern Utah University and planned to attend law school at the University of Virginia. However, on her way back from a post-graduation road trip with her best friends (ironic…) they made what they thought would be a brief stop at the Best Friends Animal Society.  Julie met one of the founders and fell in love with Best Friends’ mission statement. She decided then and there to completely change her career path. After years of hard work leading programs and initiatives at Best Friends, Julie was featured in InStyle Magazine’s “Badass 50” list. Her goal is to make all shelters in the United States no-kill by 2025. 


  • What Best Friends is and the different hats Julie has worn while working there
  • Why choosing what makes you happy trumps how much money you’ll make 
  • What the shelter movement is and how Best Friends is working to 
  • How learning from past mistakes will help you in the future
  • How to build up your network and how it will help your career flourish 
  • Why Julie said you should always approach work problems as a student
  • Julie’s advice on grappling with the imposter syndrome 
  • Why to read The Alchemist and how it influenced Julie to follow her heart


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