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Army Colonel Peter Newell (retired) is the founder and CEO of BMNT, a consulting company and early stage technology incubator that works with national security organizations to solve challenging problems. He has also co-founded Hacking for Defense, an academic program taught at more than 20 universities in the US which combines the best from the battlefield and successful Silicon Valley startups. During the first three decades of his career, Pete served in the  U.S. Army including a stint as the director of the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force.  Finally, he is an army ranger and earned the silver star and the presidential unit citation during his time in uniform.


  • Why your major isn’t a dealbreaker and ways to land a job in national security without having a military background
  • Why being open to learning from diverse viewpoints and backgrounds is critical for working in national security
  • What skills you need to succeed in this field, including your ability to hold a conversation and take constructive feedback
  • Why self-motivation, a consistent work ethic and a lack of fear are appealing to employers
  • What sacrifices are made when starting your own business
  • Why your graduate degree should be less about the field you’re studying and more about the experience itself
  • Why to watch Black Hawk Down or read David Bellavia’s book House to House: An Epic Memoir of War to get a better understanding of life in the Army when Peter was in uniform.
  • Why to listen to David Bellavia’s Medal of Honor acceptance speech
  • Check out T4C episode #297 to learn more about Pete Newell’s extraordinary career in the military and today in national security in the private sector. 
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