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Ulrik Nerløe is the founder of Unified People, a Danish consulting firm he started in 2010 that provides executive mentoring and coaching to train CEOs and C-suite executives how to express their feelings and find their inner strength. At the start of his professional life, Ulrik worked in the Danish fashion industry for a couple of years before he decided that that path wasn’t quite the right fit. He then went to work for Dell Inc. as a Key Account Manager, but still found himself unhappy. One day, while he was picking up his 5 year old son from school,  that’s when it clicked! His son noticed that Ulrick was unhappy asked him a pointed question. Ulrik recounts that he realized he’d been living an angry life that he felt had nothing to do with who he was or what truly made him happy. Nerløe realized he wanted to focus his career on making a difference with people rather than to continue working in the IT industry because it was a reliable paycheck. So, he quit his job and started Unified People, an organization dedicated to training those in the workforce to be more reflective and aware of who they are and the choices they make each day.


  • How to find out what will truly make you happy
  • What Life Energy is and how it plays a crucial role in your happiness and mental health
  • How focusing on positive people and energy will lead to your success
  • How to handle energy vampires before they drain you of your bodily fluids 🙂
  • What the three types of habits are and how to get rid of the unproductive ones
  • What the Identity Leadership model is and how you should use it to become authentic and true to yourself
  • How to love yourself for who you are and not what you are
  • Why being adaptable to change is incredibly important in a multitude of situations
  • Why your identity should be more than just your resume
  • Why the 3 most important people in your life should be you, you and you 


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