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Tom Warden is the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Employers, an insurance company for small businesses providing them with worker’s compensation. Prior to joining Employers, Tom worked for Bridgevine Strategy Partners, AIG Life and Retirement and Allstate, among other top insurance companies. Tom attended Ohio State University and got a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. Tom also got a masters degree in finance from Harvard’s business school. Tom is also a member of the board of directors for the Junior States of America. Tom’s over 30 years in data translates into his passion for his field, and to his success.  Press play on this Espresso Shots episode to learn how to break into this dynamic industry!


  • Why an inquisitive attitude, listening ears and humbleness, is such an important ‘soft’ skill
  • Why predictive modeling and machine learning are super important to study in this field
  • Why Tom thinks it’s important to broaden your circle of friends and seek out people who are different from you
  • Why you should learn to develop code or study data engineering while learning a lot on the job
  • What are Tom’s favorite and least favorite part of working in data in the insurance field 
  • Why valuing and focusing on the work you’re doing now is the best way to get a promotion
  • How the book and movie Moneyball relates to Tom’s career 
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