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Andrew Dana is the co-owner of Timber Pizza, an award winning pizza restaurant, and Call Your Mother, a Jewish deli in Washington, D.C. A few years back at a local tech company, Andrew and his partner, Chris Brady met and became buddies who shared two primary passions in life: pizza and basketball.  Shortly thereafter they agreed that it was their love of pizza they would pursue and decided to go pro at making sauce and dough. The guys launched Timber Pizza in May 2014 and started by serving up their Neopolitan-ish wood-fired pies at local farmers markets.  Today they have two brick and mortar Timber Pizza restaurants in addition to a Jewish deli.  Andrew’s journey to starting Timber was anything but a straight line and included stints in sports marketing, educational technology and yes, event selling aluminum siding. Press play on this fast-paced, hyper caffeinated episode of T4C to learn how Andrew is realizing his dreams (in more ways than one)!


  • How Andrew started out his professional life in business and sports marketing, and why he decided to leave 
  • How Andrew knew that there was more for him out in the world of pizza
  • How Andrew’s decision to start selling pizza in farmer’s markets played a significant role in the popularity of Timber pizza … and even his love life
  • How they funded Timber Pizza Co without taking out any loans
  • How they accidentally ended up on Bon Appetit’s top 50 list 
  • What Andrew’s responsibilities are as owner and Chief Dough Boi
  • What Andrew’s advice is for anyone who’s thinking about opening up their own restaurant
  • Why you shouldn’t get caught up in group think


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