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Dr. Ian Bremmer is president and founder of Eurasia Group, the world’s leading political risk research and consulting firm.  Ian is a political scientist who helps business leaders, policy makers, and the general public make sense of the world around them.  Recently, he founded GZERO Media, a media company dedicated to providing intelligent and engaging coverage of international affairs. Ian is an independent voice on critical issues around the globe, offering clear headed insights through speeches, written commentary, and even satirical puppets (really!).  Ian is credited with bringing the craft of political risk to financial markets, creating Wall Street’s first global political risk index (GPRI), and for establishing political risk as an academic discipline. Ian earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in political science from Stanford University, where he went on to become the youngest-ever national fellow at the Hoover Institution. He received his bachelor’s degree in international relations from Tulane University. Press play on this T4C episode if you want to get advice from one of this industry’s leaders about how to build a meaningful career in political risk consulting. 


  • How political science students can skip the stereotypical entry-level jobs and get right into research
  • Why Ian looks to hire young people who are relevant, curious, respectful and flexible
  • Why Ian believes you don’t need a graduate degree to be successful, but if you do decide to get one, how to do it right
  • How travelling can become your greatest advantage as a political risk consultant
  • Why Ian doesn’t focus on failure and how he perceives it
  • How Syriana, Black Mirror, and the Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart reflect some of what Ian sees in his job 

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