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Susan Weiner is the founder and CEO of Orange Dot Baking Company, which is a healthy, flavorful alternative to existing high-glycemic, gluten free breads. Inspired by a review of poverty in her hometown of Charlottesville, VA called the  Orange Dot Report, Susan conceived of Orange Dot Baking Company to generate local employment for low-income single mothers while producing delicious gluten free muffins and breads. As an avid gluten free cook, Susan built Orange Dot Baking Company using innovative approaches in both its baking process and its recipes—much to the delight of her celiac son, Andrew. Orange Dot bread is special because it is made with an innovative, proprietary baking process that locks in the moisture and expands the cell structure of the bread. The recipes are also innovative because they do not contain any xanthan gum (which causes intestinal distress!) and are packed with high energy ingredients like organic eggs and sunflower, pumpkin, quinoa, chia and amaranth seeds.  In 2015, Susan began baking in her home kitchen and selling at the Charlottesville farmer’s market. In late 2017, Orange Dot moved into a new dedicated, gluten free baking facility and now supplies stores in Charlottesville, Richmond, and Whole Foods stores in surrounding areas.  


  • If you want to listen to Susan’s entire Time4Coffee episode please tune in to T4C episode #345
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