Nick Freshman is the founder of Mothersauce Partners, a venture capital funded ecosystem for the food and beverage industry.  Mothersauce Partners aggressively shortens the traditional timeline to achieve profit for food and drink concepts by bringing to bear experience, connections and a suite of services that is largely absent in investing. Nick followed his heart (and stomach) into the restaurant business at a young age. He has spent over 20 years working in a variety of capacities, leading concepts from ideas on paper to thriving businesses. From a top franchise (Five Guys) to a farm-to-table restaurant (Eventide), to a high-volume iconic bar (Spider Kelly’s) and more, Nick has demonstrated success in a range of food and beverage restaurants. His latest project, The Freshman, will be an all-day cocktail and coffee concept opening in early 2020 in National Landing right across from the new Amazon headquarters in northern Virginia. 


  • Why everyone should get experience working as a server
  • How you can easily find a plethora of career opportunities in the restaurant industry 
  • Which major city is having an explosion of career opportunities 
  • What skills are vital for a successful career in the food and beverage industry 
  • Why your major doesn’t matter to break into this industry
  • Why it’s normal if your career path is non-linear and you have no clue what is coming next 
  • Why to watch the movie Big Night with Stanley Tucci and Treme directed by David Simon
  • If you want to learn what Nick is doing now and how he built his career check out T4C episode #181
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