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Nicki Mayo founded and runs the eponymous Nicki Mayo News, LLC. She is a self-described “multimedia maven” and is also a full-time communications strategist. After earning her undergraduate degree in speech communications and African American studies with a minor in Spanish at Syracuse University, she interned at BET Nightly News and spent time teaching before working in newsrooms all over the United States. Nicki helped launch YNN Buffalo. She recently served as the first digital editor for the Philadelphia Tribune’s and worked on various social media accounts. In the past, Nicki was as a political analyst and contributor on Philadelphia’s 900AM WURD Reality Check with Charles Ellison. She worked on TV One’sNews One Now,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Justice By Any Means” and “Thou Shalt Not.” For three years she covered breaking news for the Associated Press Network and is a member of the AP’s race and ethnicity team. She hosted NPR’s WAMU FM 88.5 in Washington, D.C., and anchored for 1430 WNAV radio news in Annapolis. When she’s not creating multi-media work for clients, Nicki works as a federal contractor covering STEM stories.  Whether you’re interested in journalism or not, fill up your mug and tune in to this caffeinated chat with Nicki to learn how to establish connections and start your own multimedia services company.


  • If you want to listen to Nicki’s entire Time4Coffee interview tune in to episode #255


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