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Professor Cal Newport is a proud Millennial and a computer science professor at Georgetown University who has never owned a social media account.  Yup. You read this right. Newport has his PhD in computer science from M.I.T and has deliberately eschewed Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. because his research shows it’s bad for your brain and your ability to do deep thinking.  In fact, Dr. Newport has written a number of books on the topic including DEEP WORK which he talks about in this episode.  He’s written five other books, including:  So Good They Can’t Ignore You which is a quote from something comedian Steve Martin once said and is about not giving or taking the advice to “follow your passion” because that’s bad advice.  Cal also writes a popular blog that he started back in his undergraduate days at Dartmouth called “STUDY HACKS”.  His latest book was published in February 2019 and is entitled:  Digital Minimalism.  Make sure to tweet us @Time4Coffeellc to let us know what you think about Dr. Newport’s theories! 


  • If you want to listen to Cal’s entire Time4Coffee episode please check out T4C episode #08


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