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Ben Kiker is the founder of the Ben Kiker Group, which offers business, executive, and recovery coaching focusing on helping people create the conditions that lead to meaningful, lasting change on their journey. Ben works 1:1 with top performers and with organizations to identify the roadblocks standing in the way of transformation. He also helps them develop a plan that incorporates his Six Essentials to Get Shit Done (GSD) to ensure successful outcomes.  Ben founded BKG after a 30 year career in marketing for technology companies in Silicon Valley, most recently working as a Chief Development Officer for SpringCM (acquired by DocuSign)Jive Software and Interwoven.  After battling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, and finally moving into recovery in 2013, Ben found his true calling. In one of the most powerful Time4Coffee interviews to date, Ben shares his story of addiction in three stages: hitting a wall, achieving a moment of clarity and shifting into his present and true peak-performance lifestyle. This is a K-Cup mini-episode that you won’t want to miss! 


  • If you want to listen to Ben’s entire Time4Coffee episode please listen to episode #219
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