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Michael Rosenblum is the founder and CEO of Rosenblum TV, a world leader in video content training. More than 30 years ago, he invented the concept of the “VJ” or video journalist, a reporter who travels the world capturing, editing and creating stories on a video camera or smartphone without a team of journalists. With Rosenblum’s help, this VJ-driven model was implemented at the BBC and The Voice of America. He’s built VJ-based news channels worldwide including Time Warner’s NY1 News, Associated Newspapers London based Channel 1, and TeleZuri in Switzerland. Rosenblum was the president and founder of New York Time Television and he also co-founded Current TV with former Vice President Al Gore. Rosenblum and his wife have taught more than 40,000 people of all ages how to get out there and produce compelling content through intensive four-day bootcamps and via their online video film school, which offers more than 1000 classes on everything from storytelling and shooting video to ways to start your own business. Rosenblum’s useful hands-on training helps those looking to break into the increasingly competitive video content world without the stress of enrolling in and paying for journalism school. In this episode, Rosenblum explains how to create content, tell stories and make money as a video journalist just by using a smartphone. Are you a curious, hardworking risk taker who is eager to learn? Then this is the interview for you! Grab a cup of “Joe” and tune in to learn about Rosenblum’s extraordinary career journey and to hear what it takes to become a VJ in today’s journalism industry.


  • Why failure is a good teacher
  • What options exist to learn hands-on video content training
  • How to not let fear prevent you from taking risks
  • Why covering intimate and uncomfortable situations makes you a better journalist
  • What videojournalism requires, including individual work style, travel and nontraditional hours
  • Why interesting life experiences make for good storytellers
  • Check out Rosenblum’s book iPhone Millionaire: How to Create and Sell Cutting-Edge Video

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