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Provash Budden is the Americas Regional Director for Mercy Corps and lives in Bogota, Colombia. As American Regional Director Provash has over 20 years of international development experience encompassing leadership, program design, management and implementation of humanitarian and development programs. leading programs on land rights, financial services, access to education, economic development, violence prevention, natural resource management and support to displaced communities affected by conflict. Provash has completed long and short-term assignments in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia with the UN and international NGOs with over fourteen years of senior management experience and is well-versed in donor policies and regulations. Provash possesses excellent interpersonal and negotiating skills and has proven supervisory, organizational and leadership abilities.  He holds a Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University and currently resides in Bogotá, Colombia. Need another hit of T4C today? You got it! Press Play and let Provash Budden give you his insider’s perspective on this fulfilling career in this T4C Espresso Shots episode.


  • What are the kinds of entry level positions in the field that can take you all over the world
  • What are some key skills  that will make you stand out to employers
  • Why your major in college doesn’t really matter but studying psychology, sociology and economics would be beneficial
  • What are the advantages of having a graduate degree in the field of international development
  • Why travel is a great life experience to have under your belt before you start looking for a full-time job in this field
  • Why Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness will give you a good insight into what this profession is really like
  • Why you should listen to T4C episode #39 to learn more about what Provash does in his current job and how he built his career

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