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Tiffany Sorya is Founder/CEO of Novel Education Group, an elite homeschooling and academic agency in California, specializing in customized curriculum and college advising, particularly for students and families with unconventional lifestyles. As the private tutor for many high profile clients including Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the family of Dr. Dre, Tiffany’s ethos is rooted in the fundamental, life-long value of education, especially in our digital media driven era of young entrepreneurs and social media stars. Tiffany’s innovative education philosophies include open and flexible teaching methods that underscore students’ hobbies and interests, allowing them to discover their purpose and passions, while still providing an effective and comprehensive educational foundation. Learning how to learn and integrating academics into a well-rounded, fulfilling lifestyle are the pillars of Novel Education Group’s core values. As a business leader and education-innovator, her mission is to provide something unique and rewarding with Novel Education Group by Making Smart Stylish Again.


  • How Tiffany built her own education company
  • What services, including home schooling, after school tutoring, SAT and ACT tutoring and college education prep, Novel Education Group offers to its clientele
  • How Tiffany individualizes teaching methods for each student
  • What are the main functions of a private education business like Novel Education Group
  • How Tiffany is trying to make smart stylish again
  • How to work your way out of a depression and feelings of emptiness and get to a much better place
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