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Rick Greenberg is a marketing veteran whose experience extends from brand management in the early 90’s – when “big data” was having more than one coupon code in the market at the same time – to helping today’s leading brands dynamically market across the dozens of digital channels and thousands of marketing moments that touch each consumer every day. Today Rick is the CEO of Kepler Group, a tech- and analytics-driven digital agency delivering cross-channel impact for leading advertisers worldwide. Since it was founded in June 2012, Kepler Group has grown from six founders in a rented New York City conference room to 260 people across five offices in the US and UK.  The Kepler Group provides digital and database services to Fortune 500 clients in industries ranging from financial services to travel, retail and healthcare. Kepler’s clients include: Paypal, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dish Network, Fidelity Bank, American Express, The New York Times and J Crew. Prior to Kepler, Rick served as the SVP of MediaMath, as well as a partner at Rosetta, and a brand manager at Unilever and Procter & Gamble.   Press play on this Espresso Shots episode to learn how you can break into this dynamic and exciting field!


  • What entry level jobs are available for people who want to break into digital marketing
  • What skills companies like Kepler Group are looking for in the young people they hire
  • Why being smart, humble and a determined problem solver are essential qualities
  • Why it’s important to highlight your life experiences on a resume
  • How understanding data and having a programming background is useful in this field
  • Why you should always aim to ‘put points on the board’ and show your value especially early in your career

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