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Scott Lowell is an actor who has plied his trade both onstage and onscreen. After graduating from Connecticut College in 1987 with a BA in Theater, Scott moved to Chicago to begin his career onstage in various productions. Despite being a self-proclaimed ‘theater snob’, Scott’s acting chops eventually led him to various roles on the big screen, playing characters such as Dr. Douglas Filmore in the hit procedural drama Bones. However, Scott is perhaps best known for his role as Ted Schmidt in the television drama Queer as Folk, a series following the lives of five gay men living in Pennsylvania. Since starring in the series, Scott has since made a return to theater, performing in various roles in the Broadway revival of The Elephant Man in 2014. Most notably, he has written, produced, and starred in Adoptable!, a play based on his own story about his journey to find his birth parents. Scott will be the first to tell you that being an actor has its ups, but that it can also be pretty mentally and psychologically taxing. You’ve seen him onscreen, but get ready to hear Scott tackle your important career questions and give you an inside look on the entertainment industry!  Lights, camera… action and press play on this insightful episode of T4C!


  • Why it can be really demanding to act in a television drama
  • How you can learn to separate yourself from the character you’re playing off set
  • What is a typical workday like for an actor in a TV drama
  • What it’s like to write a screenplay and the challenges of getting it picked up
  • How the acting industry has changed over the years
  • Why you should listen to T4C episode #120 to learn more about how to break into the acting industry


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