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Bruce Kennedy is an award-winning media and public relations professional who broke into reporting on the legal cannabis industry almost a decade ago.  Since that time Bruce has crafted his own beat covering this booming industry. Today, he is a regular contributor for Leafly and DOPE magazine where he has a big feature story in the April 2019 edition about the uphill struggle for the medical cannabis industry in the United States. Early in his career, Bruce worked for CNN as a producer, copy editor and writer in Atlanta, New York and Asia.  After leaving CNN, Bruce was the news director for the NPR member station in Atlanta. Bruce studied History at Bowdoin University and was heavily involved in the school’s newspaper.


  • What are the wide range of stories you can cover in legal cannabis industry
  • How you can create your own news beat
  • How to build a career as a freelance journalist
  • Why you don’t need a journalism degree to become a journalist
  • Why it is vital to put your ego aside during your career  
  • What kinds of other job opportunities exist in the legal cannabis industry
  • Who Jigoro Kano is and why you should care


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