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Michele Bettencourt is the Co-CEO and Founder of He Said/She Said, a film production company and the Executive Producer of the documentary film, “Beautiful Lie” the story of Michele’s transition from Anthony Bettencourt to Michele a non-binary transgender m2f (male to female).  “Beautiful Lie” is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2019 at various film festivals. Michele’s documentary was filmed while she transitioned professionally, and personally, from the President, CEO and Chairman of Imperva, a cyber security software and services company, and from male to non-binary transgender m2f.  Michele is also a musician who wrote, sang and played drums on the rock album entitled “New Normal” available on iTunes. Michele served in those roles since she joined Imperva in 2014.  Prior to working at Imperva, Michele was President, CEO and Chairman of Coverity from 2010 to 2014, replacing the founder.  Michele has worked in Silicon Valley since 1982 when she dropped out of college at the University of Santa Clara where she was majoring in English. She later went back to Santa Clara in her mid-40’s to complete her B.A. in 2006.


  • How Michele worked her way up to become a CEO (multiple times) without a college degree
  • Why you should listen more than talking to learn at work
  • Why even though she changed jobs a lot early in her career, Michele advices Java Junkies to stay put and not jump around too much
  • Why you should always take responsibility for your mistakes at work
  • What it takes to be a successful sales and marketing professional
  • Why Michele finally decided to transition m2f and do so publicly
  • What “Beautiful Lie” and “New Normal” are about
  • What the mission of the Michele Bettencourt Foundation for Transgender Fair Employment is all about

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