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Judge Julie Breslow, who serves as Magistrate Judge in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, has been on the bench since she was appointed to the court in 2002. In her 17 years she has focused exclusively family court cases. These include cases dealing with juvenile delinquency, adoptions, domestic relations, and more. On top of this, Judge Breslow presides over all matters of neglect in the District of Columbia that involve unaccompanied refugee minors in foster care. She takes a particular interest in the intersection of family law and immigration law. In preparation for her extensive career in law, Judge Breslow studied Liberal Arts at Union College as part of a six year law program in conjunction with Albany Law School. In this Espresso Shots episode Judge Breslow shares with Java Junkies the best way they can set themselves up to break into the courtroom as a judge!


  • How to cultivate useful skills while still in college if you want to become a judge
  • What are the most important qualities a judge looks for in her clerks
  • What are the  highs and lows of being a judge in family court
  • What are the steps to take if you are interested in becoming a judge
  • What are the qualities and characteristics that make a good judge
  • Whether Law & Order is representative of what it’s really like to be a judge
  • Why you should listen to T4C episode #66 to learn more about what Judge Breslow does in her current job and how she built her career
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