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Gabriel Sebastian, Program Manager and Advisor to the Maverick Next Board at Population Services International (PSI), was born in South America, raised in Africa and educated in two different European nations. Pretty impressive, huh? He now lives and works in Mexico.  In this short and sweet episode of T4C, he shares essential information on how to break into the field of global health and what to have under your belt before you start applying for larger and more serious positions. His parents are what got him interested in this career track. While you’ll need to make time for the longer interview with Gabriel — T4C episode #17 — to find out more about his personal career journey, this quick fix is perfect to find out how you can make your mark in this field. From college classes to little known facts, Gabriel Sebastian has you covered! Press Play on this episode of T4C Espresso Shots to get the details!

*Since recording this T4C interview, Gabriel has moved into another role as Knowledge Manager at PSI.


  • What are the crucial skills and entry level jobs to get your resume to the top of the application pile
  • How employers regard graduate degrees in this field
  • How to get exposed to foreign cultures earlier in your career or during school and why that matters
  • Why you should read The Wisdom of Whores to get a realistic insight into this career track
  • What might surprise you about the role of technology in this field
  • Why you should listen to T4C episode #17 to learn more about Gabriel Sebastian’s current job and his career

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