David Clinch, Co-Founder of Storyful, is revolutionizing the news industry by utilizing social media to gather user-generated content and tell compelling stories. Storyful provides media organizations worldwide with with verified socially sourced content, and is the first and only news agency designed specifically for the social media age. Upon founding storyful in 2010, around the time of the Arab Spring, David saw the opportunity to feel the pulse of those individuals closer to the story, and utilize their content in journalism. As Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, he helps news companies develop strategies for growth and battle misinformation in the digital age. Before co-founding Storyful, David worked on the CNN International Desk in Atlanta, Georgia and pioneered the use of social media for international news gathering at CNN. A graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland with a Bachelor’s degree in French, David shares with Java Junkies how he found his way to the journalism field, and then continued to revolutionize it.


  • Why spending decades working for the same news organization can actually be the biggest risk you ever take
  • What is Storyful and what gap in the news industry inspired David to help co-found it
  • What are the must-have qualities for entry level positions at Storyful
  • How Storyful is disrupting the news industry to sustain it
  • How can a journalist develop skills to combat misinformation in crowdsourced journalism
  • How to alleviate the impact of failure by not holding a grudge
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