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65 months; 280 weeks and 1,120 episodes ago – the Time4Coffee Podcast was born.

My former CNN colleague Guy Raz who is best known today for his many top-ranked podcast including How I Built This was my very first guest.

Over the last almost 5 ½ years I’ve had the delight to interview 100’s and 100’s of other people in dozens of industries about what they do in their jobs and how they built their careers.

The mission was admittedly a bit audacious:  to empower 1 million college students to turn their degrees into careers they’ll love.   Why a million?  It’s a big number and I thought 10 million would sound straight up crazy.

But little did I know then how that mission, and doing all those interviews, would change me.

No one can predict what they’ll be doing in a year – let alone 10 or 20 years down the road.

Some of that is because the world is too much in flux and a lot of it is because our lives are full of serendipitous synchronicities, lucky and unlucky breaks that push or pull us in directions we could never have anticipated.

And that my dear java junkies is why this is the final Time4Coffee episode #1,120.  And it’s also why I’ll be launching a brand-new video podcast in a few months called This Magic Life.

I want to shine a spotlight on the stories of remarkable people – who’ve done remarkable things – as a result of some random, serendipitous or what I prefer to call magical event, experience or encounter.

So watch this space to learn more about the official launch date of This Magic Life and until then, stay caffeinated and feel free to binge on T4C episode whenever you need a caffeinated fix!!

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