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Jonathan Sackett is the President & Chief Content Officer (CCO) at Allscope Media and Communications.  Have you ever been curious about the advertising industry and how you can get your foot in the door? Well, pour yourself a shot of strong espresso and get ready to hear about the basics of getting into the advertising and marketing world from one of the industry’s experts.   Jonathan has worked for 7 different companies throughout his advertising career where all of his titles have contained the words “Executive”, “Chief”, or “Director”. In fact, he says he was the second professional to have “Chief Digital Officer” as his job title! Impressive alphabet soup aside, today Jonathan tells us all about building your academic experience and resume to make it in the constantly evolving world of marketing and advertising. And if you want to stick around to hear about Jonathan’s personal career journey, listen to his main T4C interview! From graduating from the University of Minnesota to being President of two companies and CCO of Allscope, Jonathan has loved every minute of his career! Press Play on these Espresso Shots if you want to do the same!


  • What the best ways are to enter the somewhat cutthroat advertising/marketing world
  • What employers in the advertising world look for in entry level job candidates
  • Why a graduate degree may be a hindrance to be really competitive in the hiring process of this field
  • How everyday life and aspects of your personality can help you bring unique ideas to the world of advertising
  • Why humor sells
  • What is the best career advice that has taken Jonathan Sackett all the way to the C suite

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