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Dominic Imwalle is a Risk & Advisory Consultant at Deloitte, the largest professional services firm in the world.  He’s also the founder of DX Consulting and mentors job-seekers on how to reach the next level of their career. Dominic’s impressive post-grad journey began in 2020 and has been underscored by his commitment to learn, grow and push himself outside his comfort zone.  As of September 2023, he’d already spent over 100 nights in different Marriott hotels. Dominic holds two B.A.s in Accounting and Computer Science from St. Edward’s University. With a long-standing career ahead and a zest for enriching the lives of others, Dominic stands as a mentor and thought leader for many new professional service industry recruits.


  • What’s it means to do internal audits at Deloitte (7:00) 
  • Why to step out of your comfort zone (14:15)
  • What’s a typical day for Dominic at Deloitte (15:30)
  • How soft skills will help you out in the workforce (23:00)
  • How young job-seekers can find hidden internships (33:10)
  • Why it is important to “work from within” (34:37) 
  • What the keys are to successful networking (40:00)
  • Here’s how to follow Dominic on LinkedIn

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