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Emily Ray is an Emergency Response Team Leader with the Saint Louis chapter of AmeriCorps. After graduating from college in 2020, Emily took a job at an organic farm in Washington state. But the job didn’t work out as she’d hoped because she says she and her boss didn’t get along. So Emily chose to quit after just one month at the farm. Shortly after quitting, she found two internships: a remote one with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and another with the Dennis Conservation Land Trust on Cape Cod. Both of those experiences helped Emily make connections that led her to AmeriCorps where she’s worked for the last two plus years.  Emily graduated with a B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies from Middlebury College. 


  • How Emily found her way to AmeriCorps (8:43)
  • What G.I.S. is and how Emily learned about it (11:21)
  • What it’s like to learn how to use a big chainsaw (14:56)
  • Where to find conservation jobs (27:10)
  • What kinds of benefits come with working for AmeriCorps (29:32)
  • How Emily bounced back from a job she didn’t like and quit (32:10)

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