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Edwin Dorsey is founder of The Bear Cave, a subscription based newsletter that works to expose corporate misconduct. His weekly newsletter on Substack, a self-publishing online site, has over 1,000 paid subscribers. When he launched the newsletter in March 2020, Edwin was a senior at Stanford University majoring in economics. Later in the year, he started a paid subscription offering that took off and quickly earned him enough money to support himself. He has created another written product on substack, Sunday’s Idea Brunch, where he interviews people he considers to be great investors who share their ideas with him and his subscribers. 


  • What the Bear Cave stands for and what Edwin’s newsletter focuses on and why (4:00)
  • What is short-selling? (8:02)
  • Why is Twitter so important for Edwin and his business (14:30)
  • How Edwin’s research on a babysitting website helped jumpstart his career (21:00)
  • What is Edwin’s advice for new graduates who may struggle with imposter syndrome (28:23)
  • What a day in Edwin’s work life looks like (31:48)
  • What are the most important ingredients to a successful newsletter (47:10)


  • How Edwin dealt with a big failure (49:54)
  • If Edwin could go back to college what advice would he give himself (52:36)

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