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Andrew Cohen is a Senior Enterprise Account Executive within the Higher Education Vertical at LinkedIn where he helps his customers achieve success by leveraging social media, content marketing and the LinkedIn platform.  An 11-year LinkedIn veteran, Andrew advises brick-and-mortar institutions, online universities, ed-tech companies, media agencies and online program management firms on driving growth through customized partnerships that target and acquire prospective students and alumni.  Andrew also shares his expertise directly with students through webinars and on campus demonstrations at schools such as Pepperdine University, University of North Carolina, Cornell University, and California Lutheran University.  He was recently inducted into Bucknell’s athletic Hall of Fame after playing D1 golf for 4 years. Andrew got a B.A. in political science and religion in 2010. 


  • What Andrew actually does as an Enterprise Executive at Linkedin (4:10) 
  • Why it’s important to understand data and use it to tell a story (11:43)
  • Why less is often better in a presentation (14:40)
  • How coding became a big part of Andrew’s life without studying it (20:45)
  • Why you don’t need all the skills listed on a job application (25:45)
  • How Andrew got his first job (28:08)
  • Why it’s so valuable to “ride the wave” of an emerging industry (29:25)
  • How playing D-1 golf taught Andrew to thrive under pressure (32:35)
  • What are Andrew’s insider tips for job searching on LinkedIn (35:42)
  • Why you should always ask for candid feedback after a job interview (42:10)

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