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Divya Alter is the founder of the Ayurvedic vegan restaurant Divya’s Kitchen in New York City. She is also the author of two books: What to Eat for How You Feel and most recently,  The Joy of Balance. Divya has an intriguing background having grown up in Eastern Europe in Bulgaria, during Communist times, where she first discovered the centuries old Indian practice of ayurveda. She subsequently moved to India where she lived and studied it for 5 years. Nowadays, Divya brings Ayurveda cooking and approach to living to students from around the world with her MasterclassTime4Coffee listeners will get a 15% discount on Divya’s Masterclass and/or her products on her website by using the CODE:  TIME4COFFEE15


  • What is Divya’s morning routine/how she prepares for a successful day (6:00)
  • What Ayurveda is (9:45)
  • What Divya’s Golden Rule is (13:22)
  • How she came to Ayurveda and why food is medicine (16:02)
  • Why her new book is organized by food type (19:50)
  • How to have a conscious relationship with your food (33:55)
  • How Divya was able to turn her study of Ayurveda into a successful career (37:46)
  • Why you should always put the personal relationships above the business (42:25)

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