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Jonny Perl is a production supervisor at Cinemation Studios based in Los Angeles, California.  He’s worked in development and production at Cinemation since 2016. Its most recent film was Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank and it premiered on July 15, 2022 starring Samuel L. Jackson and Micheal Cera. In his free time, Jonny plays piano and has gained a sizable following on his TikTok account. Jonny graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 2016, where he majored in Communication and Media studies and minored in Film, Theater, and Television. 


  • How a networking event put on by Jonny’s college led to him landing a job at Cinemation Studios (4:12)
  • How Jonny’s background in musical theater prepared him for his future career in animation production (15:12)
  • Why Jonny believes breaking down large tasks into smaller ones is the key to staying organized (17:40)
  • What a typical day looks life for Jonny as a production supervisor at Cinemation Studios (19:45)
  • Why Jonny describes a lot of his job as a production supervisor as “putting out little fires” (27:38)
  • What extracurricular activities Jonny did while in college and how they have helped him in his career (35:52)
  • How Jonny recommends young professionals should go about breaking into Hollywood (37:33)
  • Why Jonny believes it’s important to know your worth when looking for jobs after graduation (39:28)

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