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Jordan Hallow is the Director of Recruitment and Selection at Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his role as a recruiter, Jordan gets to interview and hire potential financial advisors, many of whom are transitioning to the job from other careers. Prior to his position at Northwestern Mutual, Jordan was a career consultant at Purdue University Northwest and a graduate assistant at Western Michigan University. Jordan graduated from Ball State University in 2015, where he got a B.A. in history and minored in geography and sociology. Jordan went on to earn two master’s degrees, one in business administration from Purdue University Global and another in educational leadership and administration from Western Michigan University. 


  • What Jordan does as director of recruitment and selection at Northwestern Mutual (4:50)
  • What experience is needed to become a recruiter in finance and insurance (6:25)
  • What a typical day looks like for a director of recruitment and selection at NW Mutual (10:30)
  • Which keywords Jordan uses to identify potential job candidates on LinkedIn (13:30)
  • What a Boolean search is and how Jordan uses it (15:06)
  • What’s a common mistake Jordan sees when interviewing potential candidates (21:40)
  • Why Jordan believes soft skills are more important than hard ones (27:18)
  • How Jordan recommends students take advantage of LinkedIn (32:05)
  • Why Jordan believes students should spend time getting to know people in their desired positions during their job search (33:54)
  • What the difference is between finding a job versus finding a career (35:30)
  • How Jordan got two master’s degrees for free (40:33)

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